Mike Breidegam | Composer

"Mike is an outstanding music composer, he made my project sound amazing. And he's super easy to work with"

-Octavio Mora, Writer/Director: Nation of the Third Eye

Mike Breidegam | Composer

"Mike is an outstanding music composer, he made my project sound amazing. And he's super easy to work with"

-Octavio Mora, Writer/Director: Nation of the Third Eye


"Mike brought my film to life, scoring each scene with the right rhythm and mood it needed, knowing exactly when to use subtle music or intensify the sound a bit more to grasp the audience’s attention. I am honored to have had Mike score my film, and I hope to work with him again on something new in the future!"

-Giovanni Tartaglia, Writer/Director: A Life Within


"On The Message Mike really worked on understanding the feel of a family living in the North of England and the characters in the movie who had been born at the turn of the 20th century. I was very impressed that he listened to what I wanted and interpreted it so beautifully. His score really brought it to another level.

For Winter Lockdown Mike was struck by the theme of endlessly returning to a similar day as in the movie “Ground Hog Day” and having lived through that Lockdown himself, two themes popped into his head spontaneously. One of the themes represented mental heath/isolation and we had fun working together to get it just right. I suggested a theremin to represent the inner turmoil which he incorporated. I was impressed at how meticulously he wanted to put my vision out there but at the same time added layers of subtlety to describe the development of an emotion. He added a dramatic humanity which actually surprised me."

-Catherine Phillips, Writer/Director - The Message, Winter Lockdown


Mike Breidegam is an award-winning composer for film and video games based in Los Angeles, known for his dramatic orchestral scores to films and video games. His scoring credits include the film Winter Lockdown, Award of Excellence winner for Best Original Score at the 2022 Depth of Field International Film Festival, and The Message, Award of Exceptional Merit winner for Original Score at the 2021 Depth of Field International Film Festival, as well as a nomination for Best Film Score at the 2020 MLC Awards. His score to the dramatic film A Life Within combined a dramatic sensibility with a touch of suspense.


Mike created an eerie, intense and otherworldly score to the sci-fi thriller Nation of the Third Eye: Dark Files, an Official Selection for the 2020 Golden State Film Festival. He also provided additional music to the comedy/horror film Possessed and the comedy film Numbers. His game credits include music for the adventure game The Great Bleaching and music, as well as sound effects, for the games Trader Joes and Monster Slumber.

As a longtime teammate of the composer Evan Evans, Mike contributed to over a dozen feature films and television projects, including The Perception featuring Eric Roberts, Senior Entourage starring Ed Asner, My Brother's Keeper" starring Joey Lawrence, and the Amazon mini-series Backlash.

Mike has performed extensively as a multi-instrumentalist, having played saxophone, flute, clarinet and bassoon with jazz ensembles, orchestras, musical theatre and rock groups. He regularly performed at the iconic Los Angeles swing club The Derby with The Swingin’ Sophisticates, as well as running his own small jazz group The Jazz Collective. Prior to moving to Los Angeles he worked for Carnival Cruise Lines as a showband musician, where performed with visiting artists like singer/flamenco guitarist Charo, singer/guitarist Trini Lopez, and entertainer John Davidson.  He lives in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles with his wife, son Miles (named after the legendary trumpet player) and dog, and when not working loves to be out in nature.

"As music composer for Cyberia City, Mike was responsible for the audio feel of our first in-house title. He is extremely dependable and diligent. He takes feedback seriously and is not afraid to iterate and improve upon his work rapidly and precisely. His communication is excellent both with the audio and with the engineering teams.

Cyberia City's first title is very sound dependent since it is a core part of gameplay and the user experience. As such Mike formed a core part of the audio team on the project, contributing full scoring to the main levels in-game, as well as to the UI, cinematics and opening sequences."

-Emil Ivanov, Technical Director at Cyberia City


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